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Raul Castro Closed the Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba

p>Raul Castro Closed the Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba

The First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba Raul Castro, staid the main task now is to fulfill the agreements of the congress under the common denominator of order, discipline and exigencies.

Raul Castro defined as the most important commitment to achieve is to update Cuban economic model with the help of all, to ensure the irreversibility of socialism in Cuba.

The updating is not a miracle achieved in the overnight; it will be gradually accomplished over five years, as lot of planning and coordination work is needed in both, law and in the training of those involved in it, he said.

He considered indispensable that the information of each measure is widely available as well as being objectives to overcome obstacles and rectify the mistakes made in its implementation.

The main enemy is in our own shortcomings and therefore, in such a great task to the future of the country we will make needed changes if necessary as indicated Fidel and at the pace demanded by the circumstances.

Always, he said, with the support and understanding of the people, without threatening the unity around the revolution and its program.

Raul Castro noted that Cuba is among the few countries that have the conditions to transform its economic model without leaving any social trauma.

We are a patriotic people, powerful because of the force of its political unity and its cause and with a great military preparedness, proud of its revolutionary roots, he said.

He also stated the changes will happen despite the U.S. blockade, the adverse international market conditions and the oil prices that make more expensive everything acquired abroad.

The first thing is to carry out the agreements taken in this congress, it means the Central Committee must analyze in its plenary, at least twice a year, if the agreements are met, particularly the economic model updating and the implementation of the Plan of Economy, the Cuban leader added.

Cuban Communist Party Calls National Conference

The 6th Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) on Tuesday announced a a National Conference of the party on Jan. 28, 2012, with the main theme being an objective and critical assessment of the organization´s work.

The conference will bring a spirit of renewal to determining the transformations needed to ensure the Party is at the level required by today´s circumstances, according to a report to the Congress plenum by PCC second secretary José Ramón Machado Ventura.

The party should change everything that needs to be changed, as Fidel said in a brilliant definition of what Revolution is, and that concept will guide the spirit of the debate and decisions to be made on the basis of intelligence and a vision of the future, Machado said.

The National Conference must make changes to the methods and style of the party´s work to strengthen its role as the organized vanguard of the Revolution and the highest leadership force of society and the state, Machado added.

Likewise, the conference will analyze the party´s cadre policy and the inclusion of women, blacks, mestizos and young people, always based on their merits and personal traits.