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Cuba Criticizes Breach of Commitments to Haiti

p>Cuba criticized the failure to meet the commitments for the reconstruction of Haiti and reiterated its willingness to work with any country or organization for the development of the Haitian Health System.

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez, noted that the amounts of financial and material aid promised have not been delivered, just as the will of the Haitian government has been disrespected, and their priorities unattended.

Haitis reconstruction, with which we are all committed, is a work in progress, said Bruno Rodriguez, speaking at a special meeting of the Security Council devoted to that topic.

The minister recalled that a year ago, more than 150 governments and other international organizations promised nine billion USD for that purpose, of which 5 billion would be paid out in the first two years.

But what happened since then has not been consistent with the spirit that prevailed at that conference, and many of the self-proclaimed major donors continue to devote exorbitant resources to war and military intervention, said Bruno.

He stated that after the earthquake, Haiti seemed to be shattered by the most powerful nations that distributed their aid, in an arbitrary and arrogant way, with their voracious companies and some of their richest NGOs.

The Cuban minister said that the channeling of funds and resources away from the Haitian programs and control still prevails, which leads to waste, corruption and the satisfaction of marginal or selective interests.

When referring to the Cuban help, the minister stated it has been focused on the area it may achieve the greatest positive impact: public health, a key element in Haitian sustainability and social stability.

In this regard he highlighted the close coordination with the Bolivarian Alliance for the People of Our Americas (ALBA) and the work done under the direction and priorities of the Haitian government.

Bruno also talked about the importance of the resources provided by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and the joint efforts with Brazil developed through a tripartite agreement with Haiti.

He also mentioned the support of other countries in the implementation of the health program such as Namibia, Norway, South Africa, Australia and Spain, which have donated along with groups of individuals, more than 3.5 billion USD.

What Haiti needs is substantial and selfless help, strictly coordinated with the government, that contributes to its development and to overcome the difficulties and socio-economic disparities that affect the country, impeding the stability and progress of its people, he added.

The Cuban minister said that Haiti does not require an occupying force, nor to become a UN protectorate, whose role is to support the Haitian government and people to consolidate their sovereignty and self determination.

He warned that the UN Mission Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) has no political prerogative to interfere in internal affairs that are only the responsibility of the Haitians.

The Haitian situation does not threaten international peace and security nor will it be resolved with military operations, said the Cuban Foreign Minister.

Haiti’s difficulties are caused by centuries of colonial and neocolonial plunder, underdevelopment, the imposition of one of the longest and bloodiest dictatorships in our region and by foreign intervention, he added.

Haiti needs resources for its reconstruction and for its development. It requires humanitarian commitment not interference or political manipulation. It takes a minimum of generosity rather than selfishness, concluded the Cuban Foreign Minister.

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