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Economic blockade negatively impacts Cuban healthcare system

Bloqueo  Salud

THE damages caused by the U.S. blockade to the Cuban healthcare system are incalculable, but the island’s government is committed to finding the solution to any medical emergency, despite the expense, stated Pedro Luis Veliz, director of the National Council of Scientific Health Societies. Many people are often unaware of the efforts undertaken by the country to provide free healthcare to the population, added Luis Veliz, also president of the Cuban Society of Intensive and Emergency Medicine.

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The work of many hands

Instituto meteorologia

Thus in August 1965, the National Observatory, run by the Revolutionary Navy at that time, became part of the Academy of Sciences of Cuba (ACC). Days later, Dr. Antonio Nuñez Jiménez, president of the ACC, signed a resolution which created the Institute of Meteorology, through the merger of staff from the former Observatory and those belonging to the Meteorological Department created by this body 15 months earlier.

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Cuba’s Ismael Borrero tops 59kg world rankings

Cuba boxeo

Cuban wrestler Ismael Borrero’s ascent to the top of the 59 kilograms Greco-roman style world rankings is noteworthy news for fans of the sport.
Borrero reached the top spot in his weight category after being proclaimed World Champion during the competition held recently in Las Vegas, the United States, where he secured six victories.

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An embrace of solidarity

medicos dominica

Sixteen healthcare professionals, members of the Henry Reeve contingent, and five specialists from the ministries of Construction and Energy, who responded to a call for aid from the Commonwealth of Dominica following Tropical Storm Erika, returned to Cuba, October 13. In what they described as a short but valuable mission, the Cuban collaborators offered medical assistance in six regions of the country, those most affected by the heavy rainfall.

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Tribute to rural women

mujer rural

The International Day of Rural Women was celebrated by the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP) at the “Cuba Socialista” agricultural cooperative this October 15, while also offering a chance to mark World Food Day, celebrated today. ANAP President Rafael Santiesteban Pozo, noted in a speech that the United Nations General Assembly established the date of October 15 to honor rural women in recognition of the role and decisive contribution of women in promoting agricultural development, improving food security and eradicating poverty.

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An extraordinary gift for music lovers

Chucho valdes concierto

Lang Lang is a phenomenal performer, one of the most internationally acclaimed pianists; and Chucho Valdés, a pianist, composer, and winner of five Grammy and three Latin Grammy awards. These two greats came together on October 9 in a unique concert, in the truest sense of the word, in Old Havana’s exceptional Plaza de la Catedral to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the city’s founding (November 16).

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Cuban pineapples in Europe

Cuba Piñas

With the arrival in Spain of the first load of high quality pineapples harvested in the province of Ciego de Ávila, Cuba expanded its sales of this sought-after fruit on the European continent. The first countries to receive the fruit from Cuba were Italy and France, according to Jorge Sánchez, head of exports for the Ceballos food processing company.

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Lest we forget

Cuba Pensamiento

René González Barrios, president of the Cuban History Institute, yesterday October 13, opened the conference entitled ‘The Cuban Revolution: Genesis and Historic Development’ asserting that the Cuban Revolution is one of the most important processes in the history of humanity, and there are many reasons to study it, to evaluate and extract lessons from both the gains achieved and the errors committed in the construction of socialism.

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Raúl congratulates Meteorology Institute workers


“On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of this prestigious scientific institution’s creation, accept my congratulations and recognition that you have fulfilled with dedication the missions assigned to you, throughout all of these years. Continue moving forward, before current and future climactic challenges, committed and always alert.”

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Frei Betto awarded honorary doctorate in Havana

Frei Betto

Dominican friar, liberation theologian, researcher, journalist and popular educator, Frei Betto is a tireless fighter for the just causes of the oppressed peoples of the world, a man committed to social change; the author of over 50 books of different literary genres and themes. His book Fidel and Religion was the result of 23 hours of conversation with the leader of the Cuban Revolution, for whom he feels a deep admiration.