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Deaths of Afro-Americans Worsen Racial Crisis in USA


The deaths of Afro-Americans in the United States has worsen the racial crisis and the perception that it is caused by a systemic problem, according to local media and social sectors. On Sunday, Pastor Jamal Bryant noted that “black people’s life is always in danger in the United States”, something that shows the recent uncertainty existing among the members of the country’s second largest minority.

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Stronger Cuba-Russia Strategic Links after Vicepresidents Visit


Cuban Vicepresident Ricardo Cabrisas concludes today after a week of fruitful talks and tangible results in the purpose of relaunching the strategic association with Russia, in a comprehensive and long-term relation. Cabrisas headed a ministerial delegation to the special sesión of the Intergovernmental Commission for economic, commercial, scientific and technical collaboration that ended in the signing of ten agreements in different áreas.

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Nepalese Dig For Quake Survivors As Toll Exceeds 2,000


Rescuers, some wearing face masks to keep out the dust, scrambled over mounds of splintered timber and broken bricks in the hope of finding survivors here today. The 7.9 magnitude quake struck at midday on Saturday at a busy time of year for the tourism reliant country’s trekking and climbing season, with an estimated 300,000 foreign tourists in the country, home to many World Heritage sites.

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Putin Accuses US of Direct Contacts with North Caucasus Terrorists


Russian President Vladimir Putin in a documentary broadcast Sunday,accused the United States of directly contacting and providing logistical support to North Caucasus separatist terrorists. In the documentary “President,” which has already been broadcast in far eastern Russia on Rossiya 1 television, Putin made the expose, citing intelligence from Russian special services, to state that it occurred in the early 2000s.

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Cuba Holds Second Round of Partial Elections


A total of 1,165 constituencies in 149 Cuban municipalities today are holding the second round of partial elections to elect delegates to the Municipal Assemblies of People’s Power (councilors). According to the National Electoral Commission (CEN-Spanish acronym), for this occasion 3,351 polling stations have ben set and over a million 250 thousand voters have been summoned to vote from seven o’clock until six in the afternoon.

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Cuban Foreign Minister Fulfilled an Intensive European Tour


Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez, fulfilled an intense European tour in the week ending today, during which he made official visits to France, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. In each of these countries, Rodríguez was greeted by several major government authorities. During the meetings, the parties exchanged views on various issues on the international agenda and expressed their interest in deepening their respective bilateral relations.

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Former CIA Director to Federal Court for Leaking Secret Data


Former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) David Petraeus should appear today in a federal court in Charlotte, North Carolina to face charges for supposed leaking of secret information to his biographer and lover.

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Results Validated for the First Round of Cuban Partial Elections

elecciones 2015

To disclose the official results of the first electoral round, the president of the National Electoral Commission (CEN), Alina Balseiro, said the 89.88 percent of voters went to the polls on Sunday to elect delegates to the Municipal Assemblies of People’s Power (councilors).

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Cuban Foreign Minister Pays an Official Visit to Netherlands


Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez, today will pay an official visit to Netherlands, which closes a tour of several European nations. According to information released, Rodriguez will meet with some key governmental authorities.

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International Fair Health for All Concludes Today


The 13th International Fair Health for All 2015 ends today at the Pabexbo fair grounds with the award ceremony to the best products and technologies, as part of the International Convention Cuba Health 2015.