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It”s Time to Change Measures vs. Cuba, NYT States


An article from the Times editorial board, “Growing Momentum to Repeal Cuban Embargo” states that, for decades, U.S. presidents and lawmakers tightened and, sometimes loosened, the blockade. However, laws and regulations promulgated in a failed attempt to change the course of history of the Cubans through coercive means remain largely frozen in time, the text states.

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Cuba Discovers Endocranium Cavity of a Sea Cow from Cenozoic Era


A endocranium cavity that probably belonged to one of the species of sirenian, also known as sea cows, was discovered in a quarry of the southern town of Jaguey Grande, in western Cuba. These specimens were common in the tropical seas of the Caribbean region, and the fossil is considered of an exceptional paleontological value, reported Granma newspaper.

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Young Cubans call for the return of the territory illegally occupied by the U.S. in Guantánamo

caiman era guantanamo

Young Cuban artists participating in the Jornada de la Canción Política (Festival of Political Song) once again called for the return of our territory, occupied by the U.S. at the illegal Guantanamo Naval Base.
During a tour of the communities of Caimanera and Boquerón, bordering the military enclave, participants performed and exchanged with residents, while stating their position calling for the return of this portion of Cuban soil which for more than a century has been occupied by the United States.

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Latin America Destiny Would Be Different without Sao Paolo Forum


During the analysis of the 21st Meeting of the Forum of Sao Paulo (FSP, in Spanish) we considered that without the creation of this space the destiny of Latin America today would be different, the Cuban party leader Jose Ramon Balaguer said in Mexico.

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Ernesto Lecuona is Reborn in Cuba 120 Years After Birth


The Marti Theater of this capital looked its best in a homage by The Cuban National Ballet to master Ernesto Lecuona, who was reborn to his music and dance 120 years after his birth.

Through elegant and precise interpretations, the company recreated yesterday essential pieces of the repertoire of Lecuona, known as the most universal of Cuban musicians. The director of the Cuban National Ballet, Alicia Alonso, accompanied her dancers in a special performance that made inmortal to who she described as an extraordinary creator, defender of significant characteristics of our idiosyncracy.

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Popular Cuban and Puerto Rican Bands to Share A Concert in Havana


Puerto Rican reggae band Cultura Profetica will give a concert today in Havana together with the popular Cuban band Buena Fe. The Plaza de San Francisco de Asis -located in the heart of the Historic Center of Havana- will host the concert organized by the Office of the Historian, RTV Comercial, Musicuba and record label EGREM. Cultura Profetica was created in 1996 for the need of a group of musicians to express their social concerns through roots reggae, a subgenre of reggae.

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Hillary Clinton Calls for End of US Blockade Against Cuba in Miami


Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton demanded Congress in Miamni, Florida, to lift the economic, commercial, financial blockade imposed on Cuba since 1962. In a speech in the Florida International University, the former State Secretary urged legislators to take this decisive opportunity, in the wake of resumption of diplomatic relations between the two nations and the reopening of embassies in the respective capitals on July 20.

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Tribute to Frank País and the martyrs of the Revolution

dia de los m art

A tribute from Comandante en Jefe Fidel Castro Ruz and Army General Raúl Castro Ruz to Frank País García and all those who fell in the final stage of the country’s freedom struggles, was presented during the act to commemorate the 58th anniversary of the murder of the July 26 Movement’s head of Action and Sabotage, this July 30, Martyrs of the Revolution day.

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ECLAC: Blockade impedes economic growth in Cuba

Cuba, pueblo, bloqueo

TheEconomic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), yesterday July 29, noted Cuba’s positive economic growth thus far this year, while emphasizing that the U.S. blockade continues to impede the country’s progress. During a press conference here, ECLAC Executive Secretary Alicia Bárcena was asked about Cuba’s economic perspectives. She commented that, although progress has been significant, “The blockade is still a formidable obstacle.”

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Alina Rodríguez: Many spirits in a single soul

Alina Rodriguez

The death of extraordinary actress Alina Rodríguez came as a shock to Cuban artists and people alike, given the unexpected loss and power of her performances, firmly rooted in the culture of the island.
The strength of her character, Carmela, in the multi-award winning film Conducta by Ernesto Daranas, portrayed a teacher’s best qualities and expressed educators’ longing to maintain a balance of heart and prudence in their profession.