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March to remember and express solidarity


To honor the memory of eight medical students killed November 27, 114 years ago, by Spanish colonialists, thousands of members of Cuba’s University Students Federation (FEU) will march today, departing from the University of Havana’s Grand Staircase at 4:00pm.
The demonstration is also dedicated this year to the Henry Reeve Brigade of Cuban doctors offering solidarity around the world, in emergency situations.

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Hemispheric Conference on the defeat of FTAA

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The defeat of the infamous Free Trade Agreement of the Americas, ten years ago, will be the focus of a three-day Hemispheric Conference, opening today, November 20, at Havana’s Cojímar Convention Center. Plans for the event include the development of articulated strategies to advance the integration of Latin American and Caribbean peoples, and mobilize opposition to the imperialist counter-offensive in the region.