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Our Party was born during the historic days of Girón

logo septimo congreso pcc

A gala cultural event will take place tonight, April 15, at the National Theater in Havana, to honor the 55th anniversary of the victory at Playa Girón and celebrate the opening of the 7th Party Congress. Delegates and guests at the Congress from across the country will attend the event, set to include performances by outstanding artists representing the most authentic expressions of Cuban culture.

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Worst U.S. defeat since 1812

Fidell Girón

General Lauris Norstad, head of Allied Forces in Europe (1956-1963), stated “The Bay of Pigs is the worst defeat of the United States since the War of 1812,” in his analysis of the U.S. government’s failed invasion of Cuba at Playa Girón, on the Bay of Pigs, in 1961.

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Ceremony to mark 40th anniversary of Operation Carlota

operaciuon  carlota

As a symbol of Cuba’s internationalism, a cultural-political act and military parade to commemorate the solidarity and military support of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Cuba to the People’s Republic of Angola was held today, marking the 40th anniversary of the start of Operation Carlota. At the former Triunvirato sugar plantation in Matanzas, now the RebelSlaveMuseum, the ceremony was presided over by theFirst Vice President ofthe Councils of Stateand Ministers, Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, EstebanLazo,president of the Cubanparliament,andother members of the Party’s Politburo.