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Guantánamo central to debate on world peace

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Opening today in the city of Guantánamo is the 4th International Seminar on Peace and the Abolition of Foreign Military Bases, with some 200 delegates from 30 countries participating. Objectives of the gathering announced include expanding actions calling for world peace; denouncing the establishment of military bases on all continents by powerful nations; and supporting Cuba’s demand for the return of territory illegally occupied by the U.S. Naval Base in Guantánamo.

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Course on the latest developments in kidney transplantation

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Five U.S. professors, mostly belonging to this prestigious institution, one of the busiest hospitals in terms of transplants in the United States, will give lectures and exchange with around 80 course participants from across the island, representing health facilities engaged in transplant activity, nephrologist Dr. Alexis Pérez Rodríguez, a member of the organizing committee, told Granma.