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U.S. government silence denounced

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During an online press conference May 12, from the Ministry’s headquarters in Havana, Cuban Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla, denounced the U.S. government´s complicit silence in the wake of the April 30 terrorist attack on our country’s embassy in Washington. Rodríguez identified the perpetuator as Alexander Alazo Baró, an individual of Cuban origin who has lived in the United States since 2010.

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Attack on Cuban embassy in Washington brings complicit silence from U.S. government

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Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla, during an online press conference, yesterday May 12, to discuss the April 30 terrorist attack on the Cuban embassy in the United States, stated: “Here is an attacker, an AK-47 rifle, 32 shell casings, 32 bullet holes and a statement – by the perpetrator – of his intention to attack and kill.” From the U.S. government we have received only silence, a silence that we know well, one that has accompanied violence against Cuba by groups based in U.S. territory for years.

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U.S. includes Cuba on infamous list of countries that do not cooperate in fighting terrorism


The State Department notified the U.S. Congress on May 12 that Iran, North Korea, Syria, Venezuela and Cuba were certified under Section 40A (a) of the Arms Export Control Act as “not fully cooperating” with U.S. anti-terrorism efforts in 2019. The State Department’s official website published the notification, clarifying that Cuba has now been reinstated on the infamous list from which it was removed in 2015.

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Terrorist attack on Cuban embassy is the result of the U.S. government’s hateful policy

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In a press conference May 12, the Cuban Foreign Minister explained that the individual responsible for the events, Alexander Alazo Baró, is of Cuban origin and has been living in the United States since 2010. He recognized the prompt, professional action of local and the Secret Service at the time of the attack, but noted that the State Department delayed almost five days before contacting Cuban authorities, and denounced the complicit silence of the U.S. government.

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Cuba: 570 children the counterrevolution attempted to kill

Vilma niños le Van Tan

The history of hatred toward Cuba of the most violent enemies of the Revolution is only one, from the first act of terror to the recent armed assault on our embassy in Washington. The motives behind all the attacks are the same (intolerance, commitment to the empire of capital, impunity for vice and the exploitation of man), and although the perpetrators and hit men have varied, the terrorist threat against the island remains the same.

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Terrorism against Cuba began immediately after the Revolution

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A “mentally disturbed” individual drives his vehicle a hundred miles with an assault rifle and ammunition, stops in the middle of the night in the heart of Washington D.C., a short distance from the White House, and opens fire on an embassy. He offers no resistance to police once the planned attack is over. Yes, planned, because according to what he told authorities in charge of the investigation cited by Cuba Money Project.

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New revelations concerning the1976 Barbados attack

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The encounter was headed by the criminal Orlando Bosch Ávila, at that time a fugitive from U.S. justice, wanted for parole violation after being convicted of various crimes, including using terrorist tactics to extort Cuban émigrés.

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Cuba calls for multilateral response to terrorism

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In an open debate between the 15 members of the body regarding terrorist threats to civil infrastructure, Cuba’s permanent representative to the UN, Anayansi Rodríguez noted that Havana supports the adoption of a general agreement on this scourge and the holding of a global conference to work toward these types of responses.

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Vigil to honor victims of terrorism

Vigilia Barbados

Hundreds of students, athletes, and workers gathered yesterday evening, October 5, to honor the thousands of victims of terrorist acts against Cuba over the last 50 years.

The event took place at Havana’s José Martí Memorial, on the eve of the anniversary of the 1976 bombing of a Cuban airliner mid-flight off the coast of Barbados, with families of the martyrs in attendance.

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I still hear the desperate voice of my father


On two other occasions in 1976, Espinosa had co-piloted aircraft in danger of detonating. The first time was when flying Hortensia Bussi, the widow of Chilean President Salvador Allende, from Mexico to Havana. One of the pieces of luggage aboard the aircraft contained a bomb that failed to explode.