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Resuming of Iberia Flights to Cuba Boosts Tourism


With the announcement today of the resumption of flights to Cuba, Iberia airline”s reinforces the progressive trend of tourism in the island, that has already accumulated a year over three million visitors. The flights of the Spanish transport company were suspended two years ago, and the new version of these trips will bring five times a week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday).

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Japanese Art at Havana Biennial


Many Japanese avant-garde artists will participate in the 12th Biennial of Havana, where last year they celebrated 400th anniversary of the arrival of the first samurai in Cuba. Such anniversary was used as a pretext for countless performances of ancient Japanese culture, and the presence of maestros of autochthonous genders such as drum, manga, origami or go.

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Raúl receives Mayor of Mexico City


On the afternoon May 28, the President of the Councils of State and Ministers, Army General Raúl Castro Ruz, received Dr. Miguel Ángel Mancera Espinosa, Head of Government of the Federal District of Mexico, who is making an official visit to the country.

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“We are all Diosdado”


Issued on March 9, President Obama’s Executive Order tagging Venezuela as “an unusual and extraordinary threat to the US national security” and declaring “a national emergency to deal with this threat” caused justified alarm and widespread rejection throughout the Continent and beyond. It was not the first time that Washington used a language as arrogant as it is irrational.

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Cuba Shows Significant Progress in Hunger Reduction

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Despite Washington”s economic blockade of Cuba, this country is currently among the 16 nations that have succeeded in reducing hunger in Latin America and the Caribbean a region with significant progress in fighting that scourge. Among those efforts, the island reached in advance the goal established in the First World Summit on Food, held in 1996, of reducing in half the number of malnourished people before 2015.

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Int”l Meeting on Renewable Energy Concludes in Havana


After three working days in workshops and commissions, the Eighth International Conference on Renewable Energy, CIER 2015, closes its doors today at this capital”s Conference Center. Science as an essential component in the professional training process, and the activities the International Renewable Energy Agency is carrying out at a global level are issues that will focus debates today.

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El Salvador’s President to Meet Raul Castro


El Salvador’s President Salvador Sanchez Ceren will hold today in this capital officials talks with his Cuban peer Raul Castro. The Central American statesman expects today to tour the Havana-based Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology. After arriving in the Caribbean island yesterday, Sanchez Ceren attended a show given by La Colmenita (the Beehive), a Cuban children’s theater company.

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FARC-EP Urges to Avert War in Colombia

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The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia-People”s Army guerrila (FARC-EP) urged today to avert war in Colombia and make progress in the descalation of conflict, as they decried the bombing at the guerrila on May 21. It is urgent to comply with the mandate of the agenda for the talks for peace in Colombia regarding the solution of the issue of paramilitarism and its final dismantling.

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Salvadoran President arrives in Cuba

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Upon arriving in Cuba for his first official visit as President of El Salvador, yesterday May 26, Salvador Sánchez Cerén emphasized the solidarity and support shown his country by the Cuban people. He was received at Havana’s José Martí International Airport by Rogelio Sierra, Cuban deputy minister of Foreign Relations.

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Life expectancy: 78.45 years

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At the end of the period 2011-2013, the Cuban population’s life expectancy was 78.45 years, placing the island among the top 25 nations registering the highest figure in this human development indicator.
Juan Carlos Alfonso Fraga MSc. director of the National Office of Statistics and Information’s (ONEI) Center for Population and Development Studies (Cepde), stated to Granma that the cited figure represents a 0.48 increase in comparison to the period 2005-2007, which registered an average of 77.97 years. A rise in the life expectancy of both sexes was recorded in all provinces.