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Interventional cardiology bets on development: First minimal access percutaneous aortic valve implanted in Cuba


This time there is no “open heart” surgery. The multidisciplinary team that enters the surgical unit of the Institute of Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery (ICCC) around 10:30 am on October 31 knows the steps, has reviewed them with precision. In severe cases of degenerative aortic stenosis—or what is the same, the narrowing of the valve in the large blood vessel that originates from the heart (aorta) and does not allow the valve to open completely.

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Moscow launches the first satellite of its ambitious Sfera project


Russia launched a Soyuz-2.1b rocket with three Gonets-M satellites and the first demonstration satellite of the federal Sfera project, Skif-D, from the Vostochny Cosmodrome in the Amur region of the Russian Far East on Saturday.According to Roscosmos, the 3 Gonets-M satellites and the Skif-2 satellite are already in orbit.The space agency Roscosmos specified that this is the first launch of a carrier rocket of the Soyuz-2 group, loaded with a new ecological fuel called naphthyl. It is a hydrocarbon-based fuel with polymer additives that will increase the payload carried into space and reduce harmful emissions.

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Biden administration will expand restrictions on exports of chips and technological tools to China


The US government plans starting next month to extend restrictions on US exports to China of semiconductors used in artificial intelligence and chip-making tools, Reuters reports, citing sources familiar with the matter. The US Department of Commerce intends to include new regulations, based on the notification letters sent at the beginning of the year to three companies in the North American country: KLA Corp, Lam Research and Applied Materials.

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Cuba is the only nation with a governmental science and technology program on the brain


The accelerated development of neuroimaging has made it possible to deepen our knowledge of each specific area of the brain. Photo: Courtesy of the interviewee. Brain mapping projects began in the 1990s with the mission of deepening knowledge of the anatomy and functions of the brain with the use of high-performance neuroimaging equipment, including nuclear magnetic resonance and computerized axial tomography.

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COVID-19 Vaccines: Stories of monopoly, blackmail and inequality

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The apprehensions raised in some countries by the AstraZeneca/Oxford vaccine, the US dirty campaign against the Russian Sputnik V and the confirmed refusal of the most powerful nations to let their pharmaceutical companies temporarily release the patents of their antidotes against COVID-19, have further strained the availability of vaccines and deepened the profound differences in the right to life between the powerful and the poor in this world.
Never before has a health emergency struck so many in so many places and in such a short space of time. COVID-19 has already affected more than 120 million people in the world and has caused the death of more than 2.6 million human beings.

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China: Scientists Create World’s Fastest Machine for PCR Testing

China coronavirus

The world’s fastest machine for polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests stands out this Thursday among the technological avenues in the service of health. It is the Flash 20, a high-precision device created in China with the ability to perform virological PCR tests that medical personnel worldwide have had to resort to due to the pandemic to confirm positive cases of coronavirus.