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Putin reveals details about the explosions in the Nord Stream gas pipelines: It was without a doubt terrorism


The president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, revealed on Monday details about the explosions in the Nord Stream gas pipelines and stated that he has no doubt that it was a terrorist act. “A 40-meter piece of pipe was ripped off, the pipes were 250 meters apart, one piece bent 90 degrees and fell into part of the North Stream; there is no doubt that it is a terrorist act,” he pointed out. Putin stressed that details of the incident had been discovered by investigators from the Russian energy company Gazprom, who were eventually admitted to the blast site.

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Study reveals why mosquitoes are more attracted to certain humans

mosquito- dengue

If you’ve always felt like you’re a mosquito magnet, scientists now have important evidence for you: Mosquitoes are more attracted to certain humans, according to a new study. A research team led by Leslie Vosshall, a Rockefeller University professor and director of her behavioral and neurogenetics lab, sought to identify why certain people seem to attract more mosquitoes than others. The results of the research were published in the journal Cell on October 18.

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Clinical use of Combiovent, Cuba’s first high-performance lung ventilator, is authorized


The State Control Center for Medicines, Equipment and Medical Devices (Cecmed) has authorized the clinical use of Combiovent high-performance ventilation equipment, the first of its kind to be manufactured in the country, developed by the company Combiomed, owned by BioCubaFarma. This was announced on Tuesday -as part of the 15th health for all fair, which takes place at the Pabexpo exhibition center-, engineer Alejandro César González Urquiza, member of the team that developed the ‘device.

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Molecular biology laboratory inaugurated in Ciego de Ávila

centro-biologia-molecular ciego

With the opening today of a molecular biology laboratory at the Roberto Rodríguez hospital, in the municipality of Morón, in Ciego de Ávila , Cuba brings to 12 facilities of this type that process samples for the detection of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, in as well as three others enlist in Holguín , Matanzas and Isla de la Juventud.

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Holguín increases PCR testing capacity


The facility that will house the Molecular Engineering Laboratory, to process PCR test samples in the eastern province of Holguín, is preparing to receive and install the necessary medical equipment. Currently underway at the site, where the laboratory will process up to 1,000 tests in 24 hours, is the required civil construction.

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Asymptomatic cases of COVID-19 addressed in Cuba’s strategy to reduce the risk of infection

CUba covid pcr

Over the past six months, the country has worked tirelessly to contain the COVID-19 epidemic. Our scientists, health authorities, and government have spared no effort to stop a highly contagious disease, that proliferates and kills if any precautionary measure is overlooked. The SARS-COV-2 virus is spread by contact with droplets that are expelled from the mouth and nose of an infected individual.

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BioFarma Innovations, a new joint enterprise created by BioCubaFarma and SG Innovations Limited

Cuba biofarma

The new partnership aims to provide broader access to BioCubaFarma’s patent-protected portfolio of biopharmaceutical products, developed by the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry in Cuba. Cuba’s BioCubaFarma Enterprise Group and the British company SG Innovations Limited has announced the creation of a new company, BioFarma Innovations focused on accelerating the development of new medications and their distribution in Europe and the British Commonwealth.

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First 500 Cuban-made ventilators coming soon

Investigaciones covid

By October, the national health system should have on hand the first 500 ventilators built In Cuba, reported Dr. Mitchell Valdés Sosa, director of the Cuban Neuroscience Center (CNEURO), affiliated with the BioCubaFarma enterprise group. This figure includes 250 machines described as invasive, that is, the patient must be physically connected via intubation. These are used primarily in intensive care units to aid patients in serious and critical condition.

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Is Diabetes actually the eighth cause of death in Cuba?


Although the data from the 2018 Statistical Yearbook of Health, place diabetes as the eighth cause of death in Cuba, specialists insist on not losing sight of the fact that this condition constitutes an important risk factor for the diseases currently topping the list.

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Cuba hosts international health convention

Cuba salud evento

Transmissible and non transmissible diseases, health and society, primary care, and family medicine, are some of the topics that will be addressed during the Third International Cuba-Heath Convention 2018.