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Pope Francis arrives in Holguín

Papa en Holguin llegada

On the third day of his pastoral visit, Pope Francis arrived in the city of Holguín, the first Pontiff to visit the province, and where today at 10:20am he will officiate his second mass in Cuba. His Holiness left the capital at 8:00am this morning and at 9:10am the Alitalia aircraft transporting the Pope touched down at the Frank País International Airport, located 15 kilometers from the city centre.

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If Cuba has reprieved 3,500 people, the US should liberate 141,000: what mass media will allow us to read such a claim?


Media around the world published the news: the Government of Cuba had decided to release 3,522 prisoners as a humanitarian gesture to the Pope’s visit to the island.The Pope will also visit US on this tour. A few days ago, more than 60 social organizations -led by Pastors for Peace- asked President Obama in Washington to follow the example of Cuba in the release of prisoners. As was expected, mass international media have not devoted almost a line to this.
Making a three simple rule, if Cuba ‘s prison population is 57,000 people , and the US 2,3 million -the biggest in the world- the White House should release 141,000 people imprisoned for achieving extent of the action taken in Havana.

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Cuban President receives Pope Francis at Havana’s Palace of the Revolution

raul recibe Papa

On the afternoon of Sunday, September 20, the President of the Councils of State and Ministers, Army General Raúl Castro Ruz, received Pope Francis, on a courtesy visit to Havana’s Palace of the Revolution. Raúl and the Bishop of Rome are currently holding private talks and will presently exchange gifts. After the ceremony, the Pontiff will make his way to the Cathedral of Havana, where residents from the municipality of Old Havana are currently awaiting him.

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Pope Francis visits Fidel

Fidel y el Papa

Monsignor Federico Lombardi, Vatican spokesman, confirmed in a press conference held this Sunday, September 20, that Pope Francis met with the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro Ruz, after the mass. According to Lombardi Pope Francis and Fidel held a pleasant meeting which lasted between 30-40 minutes.

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Address by Pope Francis on his arrival in Cuba


Geographically, Cuba is an archipelago, facing all directions, with an extraordinary value as a “key” between north and south, east and west. Its natural vocation is to be a point of encounter for all peoples to join in friendship, as José Martí dreamed, “regardless of the languages of isthmuses and the barriers of oceans” (La Conferencia Monetaria de las Repúblicas de América, in Obras escogidas II, La Habana, 1992, 505)

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Cardinal Ortega salutes Pope Francis on behalf of Cubans


Cardinal Jaime Ortega, Havana´s Archbishop, forwarded a message from the Cuban people to Pope Francis, minutes after His Holiness officiated Mass at the Havana’s Revolution Square. On behalf of the Cuban people, believers or not, Cardinal Ortega thanked the Pope for his visit, and for ¨having sowed, with your pontificate, good and needed concerns in our consciences, so numb and used to mediocrity¨

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Pope Francis officiates Mass in Havana

papamisa para ingles

The Gospel shows us Jesus asking a seemingly indiscreet question of his disciples: “What were you discussing along the way?” It is a question which he could also ask each of us today: “What do you talk about every day?” “What are your aspirations?” The Gospel tells us that the disciples “did not answer because on the way they had been arguing about who was the most important”. The disciples were ashamed to tell Jesus what they were talking about. As with the disciples then, we too can be caught up in these same arguments: who is the most important?

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Pope Francis Arrives in Cuba


Pope Francis arrived in Cuba on his tenth trip abroad, which also includes a visit to the United States, where it will be until September 27th. The Alitalia flight AZ4000 that brought him from Rome touched Cuban soil at 15:51 local time with flags of the Vatican and Cuban waving in the cockpit.He was welcome at Havana Jose Marti International Airport by President Raul Castro and a group of children, who gave him flowers. Cardinal Jaime Ortega, archbishop of Havana was also part of the delegation that welcomed the Supreme Pontiff.

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Pope Francis in Cuba: Minute by minute…

minuto mapa papa

11.35.-Pope Francis is undertaking a revolution within the Catholic Church itself, which is why some, as well as considering him the leading statesman of his time, see him as a strong candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize, stated Frei Betto at the press conference in Havana.

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Argentina’s President Honored for Invitation to Pope’s Mass in Cuba

argentina cristina

Cristina Fernandez calls attend Mass honor of the Pope in Cuba Havana, Sep 19 (Prensa Latina) The president of Argentina, Cristina Fernandez, today described as an honor the invitation to attend an historic event in Cuba as the Mass of Pope Francis, scheduled for tomorrow in the Plaza of the Revolution.