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The Hollow Man


The latest episode of Trump against Cuba is almost funny. After more than 140 sanctions since 2017, with almost nothing more than snatching the Cubans and not fulfilling the promise to discipline the communist island, he says goodbye to the White House with the ridiculous act of blacklisting the company he markets Cubita coffee. Has there ever been a leader in history where the discrepancy between the global reach of his power and the ridiculousness of his person has been more pathetic?

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Speech by Dr. Fidel Castro Ruz, on the occasion of the International Labor Day at the Revolution Square, May Day, 2000

Fidel Castro primero de Mayo

Revolution means to have a sense of history; it is changing everything that must be changed; it is full equality and freedom; it is being treated and treating others like human beings; it is achieving emancipation by ourselves and through our own efforts; it is challenging powerful dominant forces from within and without the social and national milieu; it is defending the values in which we believe at the cost of any sacrifice; it is modesty, selflessness, altruism, solidarity and heroism;

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Communist Party of Cuba congratulates SWAPO on its 60th anniversary

Party Comunist

In a message bearing “the most sincere congratulations,” the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba congratulated the People’s Organization of Southwest Africa (SWAPO), on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of its foundation. The missive recalls “the sacrifice of thousands of African and Cuban heroes and martyrs,” as a fundamental element in the forging of relations between the two parties.

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Press release issued by the Cuban delegation to the Third Meeting of the Cuba-U.S. Bilateral Commission


The Cuban delegation was headed by Josefina Vidal Ferreiro, Director-General of the U.S. Division at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba, and the U.S. delegation was headed by Ambassador Kristie Kenney, Counselor of the State Department, and John S. Creamer, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs.

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Cuba denounces extraterritorial application of U.S blockade


On Monday, May 9, Cuba denounced the continued extraterritorial application of the U.S blockade, after a British bank closed accounts of the British Cuba Solidarity Campaign (CSC) due to sanctions imposed on the island by the U.S.government.