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Cuba welcomes the reinstatement of the talks table between the Government of Colombia and the ELN


The Government of Colombia lifted the arrest warrants and suspended the notifications of international cooperation requests and Interpol alerts of the members of the peace delegation of the National Liberation Army (ELN), as well as annulled the extradition requests made to Cuba of members of said delegation who remained in our country. Faced with this

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Government of Colombia and FARC-EP dissidents explore restart of peace talks


Representatives of the Colombian government and members of the so-called Central General Staff of the extinct FARC-EP dissidents, held an exploratory meeting to assess the return to peace talks. In a joint statement they detailed that the exploratory meeting took place in the department of Caquetá with the accompaniment of the representative of the UN Verification Mission in Colombia and another from the Norwegian government. According to the document, they expressed the willingness and need for these dialogues to be set by a bilateral ceasefire, whose execution must be verified.

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Statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba about the Agreement between the Colombian government and ELN


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs welcomes the agreement reached today between the government of Colombia and the National Liberation Army (ELN), as a result of which the process of exploratory talks between the two parties has successfully concluded, in which Cuba participated as an Accompanying Country.

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Colombian Government and FARC Sign Historic Deal on Victims of Conflict

paz colombia

Representatives of the Revolutionary Armed Army of Colombia (FARC-EP) and the Colombian government forces signed an agreement this Tuesday on the issue of victims of armed conflict, within the framework of the peace talks. The pact is the fourth major agreement between the parties during the peace negotiations in Havana since 2012. Other big deals covered land issues and rural development, political participation of the insurgency and drug trafficking.

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FARC-EP suspends arms and munitions purchases

Dialogos de Paz Colombia

The guerilla commander explained on his Twitter account that he had issued the order to suspend the purchase of arms and munitions on September 30. He also made a call to reduce the intensity of the military conflict, which has caused the death of some 300,000 Colombians over the course of half a century.

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Peace process begins to heal wounds


After almost three years, the Colombian peace process currently underway has made important advances on the issue of reparations for victims and the search for the truth, two topics vital to the post-conflict phase. According to ¡Basta ya! (Enough Already!) Colombia: Memories of War and Dignity, of the National Center for Historical Memory. (CNMH), the over 50 year war, one of the longest in the region, has resulted in the displacement of six million people, 220,000 dead, and almost 30,000 kidnapped.

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CELAC welcomes agreement signed by Colombian government and the FARC-EP

celac reunion

The Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) expressed it’s satisfaction with the agreement on transitional justice signed this Wednesday in Havana. The Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) welcomed the agreement on transitional justice signed by the Colombian government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia – People’s Army (FARC-EP) this Wednesday in Havana, as part of the peace process seeking to put an end to the armed conflict in the country.

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Colombia is advancing along the path to peace

juan manuel santos-paz

President Juan Manuel Santos in Havana, yesterday September 23, for the signing of a key section of the peace accord to end the Colombian conflict, said that he expects the negotiation process between his government and the FARC-EP to be completed within six months.

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Timoleón Jiménez: The agreement will be conducive to advancing the agenda


The Chief of Staff of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia – People’s Army (FARC-EP), Timoleón Jiménez, expressed his great satisfaction with the signing of an agreement regarding the creation of a Special Jurisdiction for Peace, in Havana on September 23.
He said that the step would generate an environment conducive to advancing with regards to the outstanding items on the peace talks’ agenda.

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Timeline: Colombia peace talks in Havana

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After almost three years of negotiations between the government of Juan Manuel Santos and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia – People’s Army (FARC-EP) in Havana, the two parties have taken another historic step in the process toward ending the political, social and military conflict which has been afflicting the country for over half a century.