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Pope Francis, Palestinian President Call for Peace


Pope Francis and Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas met here on Saturday and reaffirmed their desire to achieve peace in Middle East. During a 20-minute meeting, the two leaders called for renewing direct talks between Israel and Palestine to find a fair and lasting solution to the more-than-60-year conflict. Since the mid 20th century, the Palestinian people have suffered the invasion and occupation of their territories by Tel Aviv, as result of which dozens of thousands people have been killed and millions have been displaced.

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Lots of rhetoric – but very little help

Barack Obama

And then, I guessed it before he said it, he compared the Arab revolutions to the American revolution. We hold these truths to be self-evident, etc, etc. That many Arabs fought and died to be free of us than to be like Americans was quite lost on him. And then we had to hear what America’s “role” was going to be in the new Middle East. We did not hear if the Arabs wanted them to have a role. But that’s Obama for you. Always searching for a role.

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Goldstone’s Washington Post op-ed: No basis to deny justice to victims of the Gaza War

Franja Gaza

FIDH (Information TLAXCALA) In this op-ed, Justice Goldstone contrasts the investigations conducted by the Israeli military into alleged violations by Israeli forces with the Hamas de facto administration’s failure to investigate alleged violations by Palestinian armed groups in Gaza. He also comments that the Israeli military investigations indicate that civilians in Gaza “were not intentionally