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Nicolás Guillén

Nicolás Guillén

To your health, Guevara! Or better still, from the very depths of the Americas: Wait for us! We will depart with you. We want to die so as to live as you have died; and live as you live on.

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Cuba to Host 8th Intl Music and Poetry Festival

Nicolas Guillén

A homage to the 110th birthday of Cuban National Poet Nicolas Guillen (1902-1989) will be the 8th Nicolas Guillen International Colloquium and Music and Poetry Festival.Organized by the Nicolas Guillen Foundation, the event, set from April 2 to 6, will also mark the 200th anniversary of the Aponte Conspiracy (1812), and the 100th anniversary of the brutal repression of the Independientes de Color (an organization of Free Blacks), said Nicolas Hernandez Guillen, head of the foundation and grandson of the poet.