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The independence of the “last to know”

german journalist

In Full Metal Jacket, Stanley Kubrick’s film about Vietnam, there is a scene in which the U.S. officer dealing with the press during the war gives the journalists instructions on how to cover events in the field. The slightest slip-up is unacceptable, including anything from photographing a singer or actress on hand to lift the spirits of the troops, to the exact word for each type of person on the U.S. or enemy side, like those fleeing the war who are to be called “evacuees” or “refugees.”

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Noam Chomsky warns about the possibility of a new civil war in the United States

chomsky NOam

Today is a “remarkable, unique, important moment,” Noam Chomsky described. “Difficult” but at the same time “full of hope for a better future”. It is a moment of “confluence of different very strong crises” and without borders: “environmental catastrophes, threat of nuclear war, pandemic, destruction of democracy.” The linguist also warned of an “imminent risk” of civil war in the United States.