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“Essential” drugs in danger of extinction: When the industry loses interest in a strategic drug


Caffeine, the same stimulant that helps millions of people start their day, also saves lives in hospitals. If a premature baby is unable to breathe at birth, called primary apnea, caffeine citrate gets its immature lungs going. It is an old drug, well known and cheap to produce. But it has an important uncertainty: only two companies manufacture it and some presentations have only one alternative on the market. If there were to be a problem in the drug’s long supply chain, many newborns’ chances of surviving would be compromised.

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The Cuban pharmaceutical industry vs COVID-19

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The Cuban pharmaceutical industry has been key to the national strategy to confront the SARS-COV-2 pandemic, guaranteeing medications to implement treatment protocols established by the Ministry of Public Health (Minsap), including several products used successfully with high-risk segments of the population, reducing the number of patients reaching serious and critical conditions, as well as mortality rates for this group.

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Heberprot-P, a revolutionary treatment brings hope

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The use of the medication Heberprot-P with some 290,000 patients, in twenty countries, has demonstrated the possibility of ensuring the healing of open wounds, ischemic ulcers, and those caused by diabetic foot disease, increasing the formation of granulation tissue, and thus reducing the need for amputation.