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Cuba returns to the international maritime repair market

Barco Cuba

The arrival to the port of Havana of a modern floating dock, to repair Panamax ships, caused quite a stir among capital city residents along the waterfront, and signaled Cuba’s returns to the international market for maritime repairs. The floating structure was manufactured in 18 months, in the People’s Republic of China, and was transported to the island by the second largest submersible supercargo ship in the world, in a 52-day voyage through the Indian and Atlantic oceans, plus the Caribbean Sea.

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New Markets Open Up to Promote Tourism in Cuba


With the opening of new markets to promote tourism, the different private businesses in Cuba today increase their possibilities, according to official reports. A report on the initiative called Merca-Hostales points to two new establishments for these purposes, particularly for people who operate cheap hotels and need to make certain purchases for their proper functioning.