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New Constitution defended by the majority

Constitucion Cuba

Two years ago, Cuba gave itself a new Magna Carta, reflecting of all our achievements and more than of a few aspirations, when a new Constitution, was approved in a popular referendum by the majority of Cubans on February 24, 2019, consolidating all that has been achieved and more of what is longed for.

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National Assembly approves four new laws

asamblea nac

Four bills were analyzed by National Assembly of People’s Power deputies and approved during the Fifth Ordinary Period of Sessions – which took place on October 28th – after a discussion in which a variety of questions were addressed and modifications proposed regarding the legal issues in these documents. The session was held in an atypical fashion given the current epidemiological circumstances imposed by the COVID-19 epidemic, with only deputies from Havana and those representing other territories who reside in the capital.

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No matter the challenge, we continue to reach for the stars

cartel constitución

A year has gone by, and if it were necessary to define it in a single word there is none more accurate than “transcendental.” Twelve months of unceasing work since more than eight million Cubans supported what has been, since February 24, the supreme law of Cuban society, based on the dream José Martí bequeathed to us of a Republic of exceptional humanism. The approval of a more advanced constitutional text was not only proof of the continuity that has marked the course of our revolutionary process, but at the same time, the starting point for another stage of intense, challenging work.

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President Díaz-Canel attends opening of judicial year

Canel año judicial

The President of Cuba’s Councils of State and Ministers, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, yesterday January 14, attended the ceremonial opening of the judicial year, during which priorities for 2019 were presented

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A million copies of constitutional reform proposal printed

Constitucion copias tabloide

The print version of the constitutional reform proposal, that has been in circulation since July 31, is the best selling tabloid of this kind ever distributed by the state enterprise Correos de Cuba, which is responsible for circulating the document.