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Nelson Domínguez Cedeño: “I transmit everything I feel with the brush or my hands”


Nelson Domínguez Cedeño conceives of art as a way of existing. Perhaps, a way of thinking for those who believe in their magic or those who perform it through the brush, the voice, the hands or the body. “I have no idea what I would be if I weren’t a painter. I would die then to be one, because I am passionate about it and without that nothing exists”. The artist considers himself an observant man. In fact, a painter starts from how he sees his reality and then projects it on paper.

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Lucía Topolansky: If I were on the Nobel committee, I would have no doubts about the award for Cuban doctors!

Mujica y Sofía

Lucía Topolansky is the most voted senator in Uruguay. She was vice president of the Republic between September 2017 and February 2020, the first Uruguayan woman in that responsibility. It is a symbol of the country, and not a fashion star. Guerrilla who was imprisoned, who escaped and was imprisoned again until the end of the dictatorship; tireless social fighter until today, empowered woman in the Frente Amplio government, companion in struggle and life since her youth of former Uruguayan president Pepe Mujica.

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President Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez offers exclusive interview with teleSUR

Canel y Patricia

Journalist Patricia Villegas of the multinational channel teleSUR, founded precisely as a voice for progressive movements of Our America and the rest of the world, and as an alternative to mass hegemonic media, conversed with the Cuban President in the Palace of the Revolution.