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The United States “is ruining” economies in the world, accuses Petro

Gustavo Petro

The United States “is ruining” economies around the world, Colombian President Gustavo Petro said on Thursday, given the strong devaluation of the local currency against the dollar as a consequence, according to the president, of Washington’s economic policy. Petro, the first left-wing president of Colombia, predicted a global crisis due to the “stagnation” of activity and what he called the “gas war” in Europe, after the armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

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President of Colombia reiterates that it is unfair to include Cuba in the list of State sponsors of terrorism


The President of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, reiterated this Monday, at a press conference with the Secretary of State of the United States, Antony Blinken, that the inclusion of Cuba in the United States list of countries that sponsor terrorism is unfair. “Personally, in this meeting that just took place, I said that what had happened with Cuba is an injustice,” Petro said in the meeting with the head of US diplomacy, who is visiting Colombia.

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Government of Colombia and FARC-EP dissidents explore restart of peace talks


Representatives of the Colombian government and members of the so-called Central General Staff of the extinct FARC-EP dissidents, held an exploratory meeting to assess the return to peace talks. In a joint statement they detailed that the exploratory meeting took place in the department of Caquetá with the accompaniment of the representative of the UN Verification Mission in Colombia and another from the Norwegian government. According to the document, they expressed the willingness and need for these dialogues to be set by a bilateral ceasefire, whose execution must be verified.

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To remove Cuba from the black list


Negotiations between the FARC-EP and the Colombian government stretched over four years to end the five-decade war. Fortunately, Cuba did not pay attention to President Duque, respected the protocols that he had promised to enforce and did not extradite the members of the ELN commission who have been in Havana since 2017, when Ecuador resigned from hosting the talks. of peace with the guerrillas, and the Santos government asked the Cuban government to agree to become the venue for those talks.

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Venezuela and Colombia seek progressive reopening of the common border


The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, confirmed on Wednesday that his country and Colombia are working in technical commissions to guarantee what he called a progressive, productive and happy reopening of the common border. The Colombian-Venezuelan border was closed to vehicular traffic since 2015, a policy maintained and reinforced by former Colombian President Iván Duque since 2018. According to the Venezuelan head of state, “we are taking firm steps for a progressive, productive and happy opening of the 2,229 kilometers of border with Colombia.”