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The Conchita was not carried away by the wind

La Conchita

“Dad, sit on the door, sit on the door that is going to open,” Claidel Barán said repeatedly to his father Raymand after the force of the wind from Hurricane Ian. Thus, with his back against the wood of the door, he spent the entire morning and part of the morning. And when it all happened, seeing the disasters around him, the first thing he did was go to the La Conchita factory, where he has worked for more than 10 years.

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Mipyme from Mayabeque produces and markets buffalo milk derivatives

mipymes lacteos

The Lácteos Rojas microenterprise, the first of its kind in Cuba, is a venture that began in 2020 as a local development project. Then it would become an experiment for dairy mipymes, among 35 selected in the country. Located in the Güines municipality, in the Mayabeque province, the company markets products derived from buffalo milk, such as ice cream, yogurt and cheese.Productive linkages provide entrepreneurs with the availability of technologies, as well as the acquisition of buffalo milk and natural and tropical fruit pulp, for the preparation of assortments.

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Another formula to sweeten the bitter taste of coffee


Its defenders maintain that there is nothing sweeter than bitter coffee. With the substantial increase in purchase price, it certainly tastes sweeter to growers. The ones who really find it bitter are the processing companies, since this measure has generated losses, which they will have to compensate for in an unusual way. In the Artemiseña company located in Bahía Honda, they also make charcoal, collect palm kernels, sell yaguas, rice, mameyes… to improve their income.

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Mini-industries key to making the most of production

Cuba industria

Since the Agricultural Enterprise Group (GAG) affiliated with the Ministry of Agriculture was established five years ago, this entity’s policy has been to prioritize the development of its entire enterprise system, with the creation of agro-industrial companies, to close the production cycle with the highest possible value added to agricultural produce. Leonardo Martínez López, GAG director of Industries and Marketing, commented on the effort in a meeting with the press revisiting the process.

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President Diaz-Canel assesses situation in central Cuba

Diaz caneñ Villa clara

Cuba President Miguel Diaz-Canel is holding a working meeting in central Villa Clara on Monday to assess the region’s recovery from the fresh Covid-19 outbreak. Diaz-Canel is also verifying the implementation of health measures, the development of food production and the achievements in the execution of the Monetary Overhaul that started on January 1, 2021.

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Urban, suburban, and family agriculture: Healthy food close at hand

Cuba Agrcltura urbana

Responsibility and constancy have characterized 33 years of exemplary, dedicated work by the people to assure the country’s food security. Those who have participated in Cuba’s Urban, Suburban, and Family Agriculture Program understand well the importance of their efforts across the entire island. The director of the economically critical program, Dr. Elizabeth Peña Turruellas, shared with Granma the main findings gathered during the national leadership group’s 87th tour of the country’s provinces, conducted between October 13 through December 22, last year.

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How can we redouble the strengths of local development?

cuba cria pollos

Located in the irregular topography on the southern slope of the Lomerío de la Gran Piedra, with limited sources of water, “La Fortaleza” farm owes its name to the laborious hands and entrepreneurial spirit of Aida Dolz Mariño, a woman who arrived there with her family from the city 25 years ago.

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How do price distortions affect domestic commerce today?

venta cerdo cuba

How many times have we questioned why the same product has different prices in the market? An example would suffice to illustrate this. For this reason, unification, although definitely no magic wand in appearance or behavior, should contribute to homogenizing current methods of price formation and eliminating distortions that affect both internal and external commerce, and the enterprise system.

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The blockade has been tightened to an unprecedented, criminal level

pintura Bloqueo

In view of the effects caused of economic persecution by the United States government, with the blockade tightened to an unprecedented, criminal level, the second secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba Central Committee, José Ramón Machado Ventura, stated in this city that production of the food the country requires, despite limited availability of inputs, is key to mitigating the effects of hostile U.S. policy. Presiding a review of agricultural programs being implemented in the province, Machado Ventura insisted on optimum use of all resources.

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40 contracts signed by Cuban exporters with non-state producers

Cuba exportaciones

“Since the effective date, more than a month ago, of rules governing relations between companies specializing in foreign trade services and non-state forms of management, 40 contracts have been signed to carry out some type of operation, in accordance with the country’s strategy approved to boost the national economy and place all players on an equal footing.” This is the news reported to Granma by Vivian Herrera, General Director of Foreign Trade at the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Investment (Mincex)