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The Vigía estate, now the Hemingway Museum

Museo Hemingway

Summer means vacations, relaxation, learning… and adventure. All of this is to be found at the Vigía estate, the Havana residence of U.S. novelist Ernest Hemingway, 1954 Nobel Prize for Literature winner. The estate, today the Hemingway Museum, has that mysterious attraction of places where great artists have been able to create, that I discovered in Klin, where Tchaikovsky composed.

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Grandchildren of Ernest Hemingway, Good Friends of Cuba


The grandchildren of the novelist Ernest Hemingway, John and Patrick, now reach the International Yacht Club with the name of his grandfather, in times of boom and marine recreation here rapprochement between Cubans and Americans. At noon on Friday, Commodore of the club, Jose Miguel Diaz Escrich, will welcome them both, in time for the race for Bone Island (21 to 26 May) from Sarasota, Florida, just when just concluded May 21 Challenge starting Havana Key West.

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The Mysteries of Hemingway

Ernest Hemingway

Those who have held in their hands the famous FBI file on Ernest Hemingway affirm it contains 124 pages, 15 of which even today are still held back “in the interest of national defense”. Of the remaining pages, 40 are covered with black ink except for their greetings and signatures, and several more are practically illegible. Between the readable and those crossed out in black, it is possible to determine that the file holds information on Hemingway gathered between 1942, during the 2nd World War and 1974, almost 15 years after his death.