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Statement by Dr. Fidel Castro Ruz, President of the Republic of Cuba, upon decorating Juan Miguel González with the Carlos Manuel de Céspedes Order

Fidel y eLIAN

Five days earlier, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had received his letter from November 27 requesting that it undertake the necessary procedures before the U.S. authorities for the return of his son Elián, a survivor of the wreckage of a makeshift boat that had illegally left from Cuba. The following day, the boy’s maternal grandmother made the same request in another letter.

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Elián González: “The youth aren’t the future, they’re the present”

elian G

15 years after he descended the steps of that airplane, after that loving look converted the pain and trauma into endless joy, Elián has become a member of the Matanzas 55th Anniversary of the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR) Party, who invited to participate in the flag-baring ceremony which took place in the capital, agreed to answer some questions, revealing himself to be a down-to-earth and humble, deep and mature young man.