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Monetary restructuring: Essential to transforming Cuba’s economy

Cuba canasta basica

The complexities and objective conditions that make monetary and exchange rate re-ordering essential, were explained recently by Marino Murillo Jorge, Party Political Bureau member and head of the Policy Guidelines Implementation Commission, and Alejandro Gil Fernández, deputy prime minister and minister of Economy and Planning, during an appearance on the Mesa Redonda Cuban television program.

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First post-COVID tourists arrive in Jardines del Rey


Visitors express a high degree of satisfaction, during their first hours at the Pullman Cayo Coco Hotel. According to Iyolexis Correa Lorenzo, Ministry of Tourism representative in the province, the hotel can receive some 800 customers, that is 70% of the capacity, in accordance with regulations established for the current stage of the post-COVID recovery period.

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Cuba a Main Destination for Russian Tourists

Tourists in Cuba

Cuba has hit record figures as a favorite destination for Russian tourists, with nearly 72,000 visitors so far this year, according to Cuban tourism officials in Moscow. At least 71,849 Russian tourists have visited Cuba this year, 139.96 percent over 2010 and 208.71 percent over 2009, the head of the Cuban Tourism Office for Russia and East Europe, Estefania Escobar, told Prensa Latina.