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Cuban doctors welcomed for good reason

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In all countries where Cuban doctors are working, may arrive, or will arrive by intergovernmental agreement, the same chorus of intolerant, conservative voices and anonymous “trolls” can be heard, angrily denouncing their presence on social media. The pattern is being repeated in Peru, since the official signing of an agreement to receive Cuban health professionals here. The arguments are the same as those used in other countries: quotes from Oppenheimer, accusations of slavery, questioning of the doctors’ medical qualifications.

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Cuba denounces U.S. unilateralism as a threat to human rights around the world

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“Unfortunately, the unilateralism of the United States undermines the promotion and protection of human rights of everyone on the planet,” stated Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla on Tuesday in Geneva. Speaking during the High Level Segment of the 43rd ordinary session of the Human Rights Council, he added that neoliberal policies imposed by the northern nation violate economic, social and cultural rights and prevent other nations from exercising their right to development.

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We are a family

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Carlos Ricardo Pérez Díaz, director of the Cuban medical brigade – part of the Henry Reeve Contingent specializing in natural disasters and large-scale epidemics – currently working in Atacama, Chile, agreed to respond to some questions from Granma International. Working as a resident in Havana and Internal Medicine specialist for over 15 years, Pérez Díaz noted that the brigade is coping well.