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Fourth commission reviews work of PPC

Congreso Comision

“Raúl’s words have clearly expressed the many challenges facing Party members, the success of the implementation of the guidelines will depend on how we manage these challenges, in particular the question of how to ensure that the people understand what we are defending, why and for whom. We defend this social project not only due to our revolutionary convictions or faith in the leaders of the historic generation, but also for the future of every Cuban family.

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Party municipal assemblies meet


This weekend, September 12-13, 27 Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) municipal assemblies met, in preparation for the upcoming 7th Congress, thus initiating a process which will continue through the month of October.Among the principal issues discussed were local implementation of the Economic and Social Policy Guidelines approved by the 6th Party Congress, as well objectives established by the First Party Conference. Municipal committees and bureaus which will lead the Party’s work locally were also elected.