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Cuba continues to grow as a tourist destination

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Cuba continues to occupy second place among the Caribbean’s top tourist destinations, according to a recent report by the Caribbean Tourism Organization. Various factors have contributed to this achievement. It must not be forgotten that last year 3,002,745 visitors arrived on the island; a figure only surpassed by the Dominican Republic – the most popular tourist destination in the Caribbean, registering a little over five million visitors.

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Cuba is the Caribbean’s second most popular tourist destination thus far in 2015

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The Caribbean Tourism Organization, in its most recent report, announced that Cuba continues to occupy the number two spot among destinations in the region, preceded only by the Dominican Republic, and the difference between the two has diminished. In 2014, Cuba received 3,001,958 visitors and the Dominican Republic 5,141,377. During the first three months of 2015, Cuba attracted 1,135,610 tourists, as compared to the Dominican Republic’s 1,499,402.