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Southwest Airlines announces its arrival to Cuba


Starting next November, Southwest Airlines will begin flying to Cuba from Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood and Tampa, the President of the Board, executive director and president of the firm, Gary Kelly, said.

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Cuba and Saudi Arabia sign important economic agreement

convenio Cuba Arabia Saudita

The first involves a Saudi loan to finance a project in the city of Cárdenas to rehabilitate the water supply and treatment system. The Development Fund will provide a long term advance of 120 million Saudi riyals (29.1 million USD) annually to construct a new main conduit and distribution networks to allow the distribution of potable water throughout the city located in the province of Matanzas.

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Extensive maintenance and investment at Mariel’s Máximo Gómez power plant

Mariel centro operaciones

The Máximo Gómez thermoelectric power plant, located in the municipality of Mariel, has been generating power for the past five decades. Given the energy needs in this important area for economic development, the plant is currently undergoing an extensive maintenance process, in addition to other measures.

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Cuba & EU conclude negotiations for a bilateral Political Dialogue and Cooperation Agreement

Acuerdo Cuba  Economic Global

After seven rounds of talks, negotiations for a bilateral Political Dialogue and CooperationAgreement between Cuba and the European Union concluded this Friday in Havana. This is the first bilateral agreement reached between the two parties; however, the document will be officially ratified after both sides have completed their respective consultation processes.

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Cuba regains control of Havana Club rum brand in US


The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) granted the brand to Cuba export earlier in the week in a case that was contested by Bacardi, Xinhua reported.
While Bacardi was born in Cuba, it has been based in Bermuda since abandoning the island in 1959. With most Cuban products banned from being sold in the US, Bacardi has marketed a Puerto Rico-made rum under the Havana Club name.