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A proud nation

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On the last National Defense Day, yesterday November 20, a tactical maneuver was conducted by the Western Army’s Revolutionary War Navy, illustrating the preparedness of leadership and command bodies, and that of troops.

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Raúl leads meeting of National Council of Defense Socio-economic Body

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As part of the Bastion 2016 Strategic Exercise, President of the National Defense Council Army General Raúl Castro Ruz, led a meeting of the National Council of Defense’s Socio-economic Body.

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Raúl launches Strategic Exercise Bastion 2016

Raul Bastion

Beginning today and through the 18th, we will conduct the Strategic Exercise Bastion 2016, which will culminate with the National Defense Days, Saturday the 19th and Sunday, November 20. In accordance with our doctrine of “War by the Entire People,” its fundamental objective is to increase the degree of preparation and cohesion of our leadership bodies and commands at all levels, with troops, the economy, and the population.