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“It is possible to achieve peace with dignity for all concerned”


Remarks by Ban Ki-moon, secretary general of the United Nations Organization, at the signing ceremony of the agreements on a bilateral, final ceasefire and the cessation of hostilities, the laying down of arms, and guarantees of security reached between the government of Colombia and FARC-EP, Havana, June 23, 2016, “Year 58 of the Revolution.”

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UN Secretary-General recognizes Vietnam as Outstanding

Ban Ki-moon. Foto: Archive.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon recognized Vietnam as a responsible and active member, during a visit which concluded here today inaugurating the Green House number one of the world Organization. Accompanied by Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, Pham Binh Minh, he opened the doors to a building designed by the hosts to bring together all the UN agencies represented in the country and express its multilateral commitment.

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Message of the Secretary-General for 2015


The word ‘mother’ holds great power. It evokes memories of the women who gave us life, nurtured us as infants and helped mould us into who we are today. The Earth is the ultimate mother – an astounding planet that has, since time immemorial, supported life in myriad forms. As humans, we outgrow the need for constant maternal care. But we can never outgrow our reliance on Mother Earth. As long as we live, we need air, water, fertile soil and the countless other gifts this planet bestows.

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U.N. Chief's Ambivalent Role in the No-Fly Zone

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon (left) holds a press conference with Amr Moussa (right), Secretary General of the League of Arab States, in Cairo

essays to buy p>By Thalif Deen (Inter Press) The eight-page resolution calls on member states to “immediately” inform both Ban and Moussa of measures taken in enforcing the “no-fly zone” over Libya and also to “coordinate closely” on measures taken to implement the ban on flights, including “to supply a concept of operations”. “This is

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Good Conduct Certificate

Good Conduct Certificate

Sophisticated mass media has been saturating our minds with the news of civil wars, arms trade associated with drugs that in just five years have killed more than 35,000 people in Mexico, climatic changes in various countries, asphyxiating heat waves, mountains of ice melting at the poles, torrential rains, shortages and growing prices for foods. We really need some consolation and this has just reached us via that life-saving angel of our species, the United Nations Security Council and its colossal invention: good conduct certificates.