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The Cuban Five: “Not a word of Top Secret in Four Years of Wire Taps”

This is a report on the oral arguments of the appeal put to the US Court of Appeal of the 11th Circuit by the defense team in the names of Antonio Guerrero, Fernando Hernández, René González, Gerardo Hernández and Ramón Labanino at the James Lawrence King Courthouse in Miami, Wednesday 10th March 2004

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Fascism: A Thing of the Past?

Philip Agee

Mussolini said that fascism should more properly be called “corporatism” since it was, under Mussolini, a blending of state and corporate power. He should know: he was the first fascist leader. As an economic system, fascism was widely admired in the Northern hemisphere. But fascism has other elements apart from an economic system in which corporations and governments serve each others needs. Many people think that fascism is a thing of the past but if one examines the ideology behind the word, we find that it is as alive and thriving today as it ever was.