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Bolivia President Extols War on Drugs

Chimore, Bolivia, Dec 19 (Prensa Latina) President Evo Morales voiced today satisfaction for the national success in eliminating illegal coca plantations in ceremony of the Joint Task Force end campaign held in Chimore, Cochabamba.

The President called to keep up such effort in the future, free of foreign meddling, and congratulated the forces for wiping 11,043 hectares, the largest figure in the history of Bolivia.

Evo Morales defined as satisfaction for him and the people the report and the practical, direct and fair contribution to fighting drug trafficking while keeping life safe for nationals and the entire world.”

The head of state reminded of 36t of cocaine seized in more than 13,000 operations and regret

ted as a serious problem to the country the deviation of coca leaves to the underground market, harming the lives of addicts.

He reminded of the geopolitical interests of other countries in their “involvement” in the war on drugs, allocating troops that end up controlling the operations taking direct orders from the US embassy, and of the UN auspicious recognition of Bolivias official peaceful efforts to reduce coca crops by a net 12% and shift to other crops, without deaths or wounded.

Gonzalo de Quesada, national director of the Special Anti-Drug Forces, said that setting up a contention front at the border with Peru to prevent entry and transit of cocaine through Bolivia, helped occupy this year more than 407 tons of marihuana and 1,752 arrests, mostly of citizens from neighbor countries but from other continents as well.