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“Obama’s Chance to Distance Himself from Bush”

Ricardo Alarcón considers that Obama can open a new stage in his administration if he decides to release the four Cuban prisoners and allows René González to return home.

Thanksgiving is near and, following an old American tradition, President Barack Obama might decide to release the four Cubans accused of espionage who are jailed in different US prisons, on the basis of documents of the Court of Appeals and the Justice Department. The documents concluded at the time that there was no evidence that the arrested Cubans had spied on the government and that the sentences passed by the Miami court were illegal and disproportionate.

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Murder in Paradise

Families of victims

Bridgetown, Barbados. It was a peaceful Wednesday afternoon in Barbados 35 years ago. Dalton Guiller had just finished a round of waterskiing and was refueling his boat on shore when a roar in the sky startled him. A low-flying and apparently damaged airliner was fast approaching from the west toward the beach. “It didn’t look right. It was too low. I then saw the plane rise slightly, bank to the right and crash into the water: nose and wing first,” said Guiller.

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Statement from the National Committee to Free the Cuban Five on the Release from Prison of René González

René González and his two daughters

René González, one of the five men known as the Cuban Five, today will walk out of Federal Prison in Marianna, Florida. He will walk out with his head held high after more than 13 years in prison, having served his utterly unjust sentence with complete dignity. He has been a model prisoner, even while suffering the indignity of being inhumanely deprived visits from his wife for more than 11 years.

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Welcome to America’s war on terrorism (fighters)… continued

René González and his daughter Irma Gonzalez

On Friday, October 7, René González will become the first member of the Cuban Five to be released from an American prison. In 2001, the Five were convicted in Miami of spying for Cuba. Cuba insists they were—justifiably—trying to prevent anti-Castro exiles from launching terrorist attacks against their homeland. The Five have since become heroes in Cuba, and their case has sparked international controversy—as has González’s pending release. Last week, the same Florida judge who originally sentenced him decided González must remain in Florida during his parole rather than granting his request to return home to his family in Havana. Why?

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Bernie Dwyer interviews Irish MP on the Cuban Five

Cuban Five

I spoke to Independent TD, Maureen O’Sullivan. (TD signifies in Irish Teachta Dála, Member of Parliament) outside Leinster House, the site of the Irish Parliament in Dublin on a beautiful September day while on a recent visit to Ireland. Maureen has shown a lot of interest in the case of the Cuban Five since her election to the Irish parliament in 2009 and keeps herself up-to-date on the matter. (In Ireland the Cuban Five campaign works under the title of the Miami Five).

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Guards Retaliate Against Inmates In Growing Prison Hunger Strike

United State

The Pelican Bay Prison Hunger Strike has gained considerable momentum. The renewed strike began last week and is the second such mass action staged by inmates in less than six months to draw attention to overly punitive treatment. Thousands of inmates have reportedly joined the effort in prisons throughout California and across three additional states, despite efforts by prison administration to crackdown on inmates.

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The age of the Reaper

New bases extend US's drone war

The Reaper was not formally invited to the United Nations General Assembly annual bash in New York. In ancient times, he used to be known as the Grim Reaper. Grim the wily fellow still is – always under many guises. Reinventing the concept of death from above, he may call himself MQ-9 Reaper and strut his stuff equipped with Hellfire missiles. Or he may wear a business suit and incorporate the persona of the president of the United States.

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A message from the Cuban Five on the execution of Troy Davis

The Cuban Five

We feel deeply the horrific execution of Troy Davis. It is another terrible injustice and stain on the history of this country. We join in the pain felt by his relatives, friends and brothers across the world. Now we have another cause, another flag, to pursue our struggle for a better world for all, free of the death penalty and barbarism.

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Palestine, Now or Never

Free Palestina

Palestine is people, culture and nation that cannot be denied nor oppressed by any force, no matter how powerful it claims to be – more you oppress the people, more they will rise with determination, foresight and power to seek freedom from foreign occupation and slavery of the few.

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Judge Lenard’s Cruel and Bizarre Decision against Rene

Rene Gonzalez

On Friday, September 16, a federal district court judge made a bizarre ruling concerning one of the Cuban Five defendants who completes his jail sentence on October 7. Judge Joan Lenard ruled that René Gonzalez, who has already served thirteen years in a federal penitentiary for being an unregistered agent of the Cuban government, will be forced for the next three years to live in Miami on what is called “supervised release.”